This is a project of Social Welfare Department, Govt. of Bihar which has been started at J.M.I.S.H. on 15th March 2015. According to the guideline of AASRA Home with a residential capacity for 50 inmates. The main objectives are;
  • To provide residential care to women and girls who are homeless or without care-givers or they are vulnerable to abuse or exploitation.
  • To provide, arrange or facilitate therapeutic cares like; Psycho Therapy, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy & Multi Sensory Integration therapy etc.
  • To provide proper habilitation & rehabilitation. The better facilities of special education provided by this Institute by many experienced special educators. Proper emergency medical services, medical kit, ambulance services & medical facilities at 24×7 hrs.
  • To provide proper vocational training & vocational skill development many trades viz. Beautician, Cutting Tailoring, Papermacy, cards & envelope making etc.
  • It is a great initiative of state Govt. of Bihar to frame such a scheme for women with mental retardation/mental illness.
  • Implementation of this scheme is a great challenge for implementing agencies.
  • Implementation require lots of commitment, passion, professional expertise and specialized resources and resource team.
  • Medical modal treats symptoms through medication.
  • Being the most challenging population and lack of good model in the country only expertise in the profession and institution can handle this project.
  • Psycho-socio Rehabilitation (PSR) is the core of this project. The process of facilitating an individual restoration to an optimal level of independent functioning in the community.
  • Psycho-socio Rehabilitation uses community integration as a treatment modality to increase independence and offer social support.
  • Creating a recovery oriented environment with encourage individuality, focuses on strength, fight stigma. Recovery is identified as “Deeply personal unique process of changing once attitude, value, feeling, skills and roles.
  • Focusing to help the persons with severe and persist mental illness/retardation to restore their abilities for independent living socialization affective live management skills.
  • To offer case management vocational rehabilitation medicine clinic, Psycho-socio Rehabilitation wellness and support programme and occupational therapy.
  • Encouraging for participation in meaningful activity.
  • Promoting hope-inspiring competence as a factor optimizing Psychiatric rehabilitation outcome.

Strategies For Aasra Scheme

Hope and recovery are deeply inter connected as hope is starting point of recovery process.

Celebration With President Dr. Manisha Kumari On Independence Day

Psychological Counseling

Relaxing At Home


Busy In Ludo

Study Hour

Occupational Therapy

Dance & Music Therapy

Candles For Deepawali

Diyas For Deepawali

Rangoli Competition

Religious Discourse

Picnic At Eco Park

Inaugration Of Community Health

Reunion With Faimly